How To Recognize Warning Signs of a Breakup

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      Breaking up is the saddest ending of any relationship. No one wants it to happen and it can also leave you feeling confused and shocked. This is because we feel rejected. We feel betrayed. Self doubt along with every possible human emotion will come to the surface after a break up.

      One of the worst parts about a break up is when the thought “Could I have prevented this break up?” creeps into your mind. If you’ve ever experienced a break up before you know you’re going to go through the “I should have done this” and the “I wish I wouldn’t have done that” phase.

      People who do break up, under certain circumstances, can get back together again. However, its best to try and prevent a break up from happening. If you think your relationship may be in peril, you need to act quickly. Thus, it is essential for you to be aware on the warning signs of a breakup so that you can have enough time to prepare yourself. You can take steps to try to prevent anything you don’t want to happen from occurring. If you recognize warning sings of a break up, you stand a better chance of being able to prevent the break up from happening.

      Here are some of the most common warning signs of a breakup:

      Avoidance – This is the most obvious sign of a possible breakup. Your significant other tends to avoid you as well as your phone calls. In fact, if it seems that your significant other would rather spend time with other people than you, your relationship could be in trouble. For example, if your significant other spent only once a week with friends but is now going out with them three times a week, that’s a strong warning sign.

      Lack Of Communication – It is undeniable that communication is one of the major ingredients in a happy relationship. Hence, there is something to worry about once you have noticed that the communication between you and your significant other becomes blurry. And once your relationship lacks good communication then it certainly means that a break up is possible. For example, if your significant other would rather read a magazine or go to bed early than talk to you or watch a movie, this could be a warning sign. This kind of goes hand in hand with avoidance.

      Conflicts and Arguments – The display of argumentative behavior is another warning sign of a forthcoming breakup. Let’s be honest, every relationship has its problems. There are very few, if any, relationships where arguments never happen. In a perfect world, arguments wouldn’t happen. It’s just human nature. The key here is the frequency of arguments and the level of hostility your significant other is displaying. If you notice your significant other seems to be picking fights a lot more lately, than your relationship may be in trouble. This is because arguing all the time is a good technique that your significant other can use to show you that you are not compatible with each other and that you need to end your relationship. In other words, it will help them justify their intentions of breaking up.

      Indeed, it is essential for you to be aware on the warning signs of a possible breakup just like the ones mentioned above. They can help you to be prepared and may be able to help you stop the break up and the pain that goes along with it.

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